Tales from the Trail of a YA Author – Healing Rhapsody debut

I’m excited to share that I will be participating in Sunday’s  “IWOSC READS ITS OWN” series at the incredible Vroman’s Book Store in Pasadena on Sunday, March 16, where I will be debuting excerpts from the upcoming third installement, Healing Rhapsody, of my Practice Room trilogy. The book is due out in 2015

IWOSC stands for the Independent Writers of Southern California and is a great community of writers and a great resource.  Twice a year IWOSC holds this special event offering an afternoon of eclectic, eccentric, and exemplary works — from poems to true stories to hilarious monologues and beyond, read aloud by IWOSC scribes. Fifteen of IWOSC’s talented member writers will read short excerpts from their work. Readings will take place from 2-4 pm, at Vroman’s, the oldest and largest independent bookstore in Southern California,  695 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91101.  Free.  The public is welcome.

In the meantime, I received wonderful feedback on my author visit to New York. God Bless school librarians. Baldwin Middle School librarian Kathryn Elefterion wrote me the following: Thank you SO very much for coming to Baldwin Middle School and speaking with our students. I can tell you that many of our sixth graders were very excited to meet you and hear about your books–they have been in high demand from our library ever since! It was a very meaningful experience for the students–any time we can expose them to something new and different is a great opportunity. I hope you enjoyed your time here and that the rest of your stay in NY was memorable. Again, thank you for your time and your wonderful presentations.

Tales from the Trail of a YA Author – New York, New York

There’s no place like home and no place like New York — which still is home in my heart and was where I grew up and lived for most of my life before I moved to Los Angeles. I love LA too, but boy do I get homesick when I go back to the Big Apple.
Had a great time this past week-and-a-half bopping around the city and Long Island. So much to do, so many people to see, so many, dare I say…. great cultural moments!
In just one day, I got to enjoy the legendary Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, which plays every Monday night at http://www.villagevanguard.com in Greenwich Village, heard from a fellow YA Writer about http://www.Wattpad.com, a great place to discover and share teen fiction, and learned that my friend, accordian player extraordinaire Art Now, (who also taught me the Art of Writing Songs), was interviewed by a reporter for the New York Times Music Section. Check him out in the article called “Showing Off the Accordion’s Hip Side.”
Art Now was also seen performing on NY 1, New York’s all news TV station, playing accordion. Here’s the link to the Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/27/arts/music/showing-off-the-accordions-hip-side.html
If you click on Art Now’s name in the article, it will direct you to YouTube, where you can watch him performing with the 14 piece, all-woman, all-accordion, Main Squeeze Orchestra.
As Art Now says: “If you can make it here (New York!) you can make it…anywhere???”