Tales from the Trail of a YA Author – Flying Through Theories

The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has triggered fascination, disbelief, shock, horror and misery for two weeks. Now officials are saying the plane has crashed and all the passengers perished, sparking a backlash by families of the victims. We may never know what happened, but speculation continues. “Experts” have been talking scenarios of terrorism, suicidal pilots, equipment malfunction and fires. Some TV pundits like CNN’s Don Lemon had even taken to using the S word. Was it a supernatural phenomenon? Lemon asked if a black hole had caused the plane to go missing.
It’s been remarkable to see that degree of wild speculation on a news channel. It’s just so hard for anybody to imagine an entire airplane disappearing without a trace. It was also strange for me since my book Flying Through Music http://www.flyingthroughmusic.com is about a plane that mysteriously disappears mid-flight at an air show. I wish I could write a better ending for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.
In my book, readers discover the plane is actually transported back in time through a phenomenon called “musi-morphing.” It’s a form a time-travel (I’ve made up!) used by certain musicians called musiators. Nathan, the unfortunate pilot in my book, is musi-morphed against his will to scenes where great musicians like Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Glenn Miller all perished in flight. Glenn Miller disappeared in one of aviation histories’ greatest mysteries when he disappeared over the English CHannel without a trace. But now there is the mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Maybe truth is stranger than fiction. Whatever happened, it certainly is heartbreaking.

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