Tales from the Trail of a YA Author- transitions

Seasons greetings readers! I’ve had a very emotional week saying goodbye to Reuters, the news agency I’ve been working at for nearly 3 decades. The publication, Talking Biz News, contacted me last week and posted an article about my departure, which took me by surprise.

Media and entertainment reporter Zeidler leaving Reuters

on I’ve heard from so many friends and colleagues and former colleagues. It’s been overwhelming and humbling. I’m planning to largely focus on my books and literary efforts, I’ve also been offered a very exciting and  intriguing freelance journalism job opportunity! So Stay tuned and will update more on that later when I am able to provide more details!I’ve already thanked my wonderful LA officemates for throwing me the best office sendoff ever!! Here’s a few of us who partied on top of the revolving bar at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel downtown LA. I feel so grateful for such great friends and the experiences I’ve had as a reporter all these years.

I’ve also been struck this week by how many of friends seem to be in transition in their lives as well. In my case, this huge change is already opening up new doors I’ve never dreamed of. I hope the same for all my friends. Some are struggling now, but I know they’re taking steps to get to a better place. You just have to believe!! Also very sad to hear this week two authors I’d met here in LA Pam Leven and Ned Vizzini have passed away. RIP.

Here’s my last story for Reuters (but not my last story ever!) that got picked up by NBC and other outlets this week. Hope everyone has a chance to get some rest this holiday season!




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