Tales from the Trail of a YA Author-Inspiration

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted but thought I’d share this news from a singer named Chloe Temtchine who is truly an inspiration. Chloe is overcoming grave medical issues to pursue her singing career and succeeding!! Love her song “Little Lies” .. I’m so intrigued by this, especially since the third book in my Practice Room time travel series http://www.thepracticeroomthebook.com
is going to be all about musicians overcoming medical hurdles. Stay tuned .

Now about Chloe. In March of this year, Chloe got shocking news about her health, which she’s been chronicling in her blog “Life To Me” and which has also inspired many of the songs she’s been writing.

Check out her blog at http://lifetomebychloe.blogspot.com/ and her music at http://www.chloetemtchine.com/

The Youtube star and the 2011 AVON National and International Songwriting Competition Winner was rushed to the emergency room due to congestive right-heart failure, the result of a rare life-threatening pulmonary disease, which had quietly and viciously attacked her, leaving her breathless and almost lifeless.

Incredibly, mere months since her diagnosis, Chloe, along with her portable oxygen tank, which she affectionately refers to as Steve Martin, will be performing on November 7, 2013, at the “O2 Breathe Gala” in NYC, celebrating the life of Dr. Robyn Barst, a pioneer in the medical field and for members of Congress on November 12th, in Washington DC.


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