Tales from the Trail of a YA Author – West Middle TV

So looking forward to visiting Chandler School in Pasadena on September 18! Big thanks to the wonderful teacher Ashley Laird for choosing my book Flying Through Music as the summer reading pick and for inspiring me to write this blog! I just cant wait to meet her and her students and discuss my books and writing with them.

After that, I’m off to Rancho Santa Margarita on September 30 for a three-for-one day at the Library, the RSM Middle Shool and a book talk at the Peet’s Coffee house!  And there are a lot of other book gigs set for October and November!

But in the meantime I wanted to give a shout out for one of my favorite school visits this past year at West Middle School in Downey, CA.
west This was my second appearance at the school thanks to the very lovely literary powerhouse Librarian Julia Desalernos.

It’s always great to walk into a school and feel like a Rock Star and that’s what happens at West Middle School because Mrs. D really gets her students all fired up about reading and meeting authors. I share this honor with other wonderful authors like Melissa Buell http://haveimaginationwillwrite.blogspot.com/ who has also visited the school.
Furthermore, West Middle has an amazing broadcasting elective called West TV, which gives the kids the responsibility of producing a morning broadcast each day. They broadcast live from a video studio located in the Technology Classroom.  So instead of hearing announcements via speakers in classrooms like in most schools, students and teachers at West Middle watch them live on television sets.  The broadcasts also include prerecorded segments and showcase special guests like me for instance who got to be interviewed when I was a visiting author at West Middle School! Here’s a little snippet of an interview WEST TV did with the lovely librarian Mrs. Desalernos about the school’s library club http://www.dusd.net/west/2013/03/29/west-tv-interviews-the-library-club/


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