Tales from the Trail of a YA Author – Oshkosh B’gosh!

     Its that time again! Right now, aviators, enthusiasts, and spectators from around the world are gathering at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to attend the “world’s greatest aviation celebration,” which also happens to be the opening scene of my book Flying Through Music and a source of fantastic memories for me!
    I’ve had such great times at the show with my dad, who is a flight instructor and avid pilot. I share a lot of my stories about my adventures in Oshkosh when I visit schools, like the time I snuck off and met some ultralight pilots and got a ride in one of these! Image
      This year, over 500,000 people showed up on the shores of Lake Winnebago for the flying displays, aerobatics, pyrotechnics, and amazing, unusual aircraft.
  Its so hard to believe that only a few weeks ago, another air show in Ohio resulted in tragedy when a plane carrying a wing walker crashed and exploded into flames, killing the pilot and stunt walker in front of thousands of horrified spectators.
My heart and prayers go out to the families of the victims and the people who witnessed that. My book talks a lot about the passion of flying. Having grown up the daughter of a pilot I know that to many aviators, the act of flying is like breathing. You take away that thing they love, and you are literally clipping their wings, cutting their oxygen.
We hear a lot about air tragedies, which makes many people afraid of flying. But any pilot will tell you that statistically flying is safer than trains and cars. Still it’s so sad when something like an air show, meant to be a celebration, turns into a tragedy. I wish we all could just experience the magic!



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