Tales from the Trail of a YA Author – Royal Comic-Con Superbaby Hero Mashup

Wow! What a cosmic week! First there was Comic-Con ,comic-con, the Superhero of all comic show conventions in San Diego from July 18-21, and then on July 22 came the birth of Prince William and Kate’s son, Prince George Alexander Louis, the most famous baby in the world!royal

Prior to the Royal Baby news, which mesmerized gazillions of people around the globe around the clock , there was a sizeable fuss about one of the big reveals to come out of Comic-Con, which is “ the place to be seen” in terms of what’s next in pop culture.
The big news item out of the annual fantasy extravaganza was the announcement that Warner Bros. is working on a movie starring two of DC Comics’ best-known crime fighters, Superman and Batman.
Julie Fitch, a wonderful author advocate and teen librarian at Rancho Santa Margarita Library http://ranchosantamargarita.patch.com/listings/rancho-santa-margarita-library (where I’ll be speaking on Sept. 30, details to be announced later) attended the comic show. “It’s just amazing to see. There’s definitely a kid in all of us. To have 5,000 adults dressed up and waiting in line at 5 a.m. to get into an auditorium setting was huge,” she said.
News of the Batman/Superman film set off a firestorm at the show and on the Web. Director Zack Snyder told fans it was “beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest superheroes in the world.”
Hollywood’s had a lot of success combining comic book heroes, most recently last year with the Marvel hit, The Avengers. So, does anyone see where I’m going with this??
Wouldn’t you think someone in Hollywood has got to be figuring out how to roll little George Alexander Louis into the next mega-intergalactic-spectacular movie franchise! Think of the box office potential!
Of course, Hollywood has already dabbled with the super baby concept before. Remember Baby Geniuses and Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2? And here’s a hilarious viral sensation made two years ago by a Canadian dad.
But what do you think of Gotham City meets Metropolis meets Buckingham Palace?


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